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Criminal justice degree (Part: 2)


Criminal justice is any activity pertaining to:

  1. 1.       Crime prevention, control or reduction, or the enforcement of the criminal law.

  1. 2.       Police efforts to prevent, control or reduce crime, or to apprehend criminals.

  1. 3.       Activities of the courts having criminal jurisdiction and related agencies, including the prosecutorial and defense services.

  1. 4.       Activities of corrections, probation or parole authorities

  1. 5.       Programs relating to the prevention, control, or reduction of juvenile delinquency or narcotic addiction

The principles of law applied to the facts of a case

Crime Prevention
The anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk, and the initiation of action to eliminate or reduce it
Example: Anti-Drug Use Campaign

Criminal Law
A specialized branch of the law dealing with a body of rules and regulations that specify the  nature of and punishment for a criminal offense; the criminal law aspect of the criminal justice system is divided into two subsections:

  • ·       Substantive Criminal Law and Procedural Law: The part of the law that defines crimes and specifies punishments.

  • ·       Procedural Law: The part of the law that prescribes in detail the methods or procedures to be used in determining and enforcing the rights of the accused.

  • ·       Crimes are often reported to the police after a victim or witness observes that a crime has taken place.

  • ·       There are also instances in which law enforcement may apprehend a suspect while in the commission or attempted commission of a crime.


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